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 About Silky CurlsTM



Silky Curls™ is a patent-pending product, designed to create long-lasting, spiral curls and deep waves without damage. After hearing customers complain for over a decade about not being able to maintain their salon perfect curls, cosmetology instructor and salon owner, Tamikia Samuels-McKiver and business expert, Judith Marie Jamison decided to create a solution. Utilizing her advance knowledge in technology and her creativity, Ms. Jamison invented a durable rod to combat fallen curls while Mrs. Samuels-McKiver added the finishing touches.


Silky Curls' unique patent consists of a flexible rod outlined in delicate silk fibers, specially designed to alleviate prints, creases and snagging, which are commonly encountered by traditional roller usage. Eliminating the need for excessive heat, the Silky Curls™ brand has a proven track record for producing long-lasting, luxurious curls that promote healthy hair growth.


Silky CurlsTM is designed for easy usage on all types of hair, producing a salon-finished look without heat.



  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Offers an effective way to curl hair
  • Maintain curls for a longer period of time
  • Attended to reduce the amount of breakage
  • Eliminates the need to heat or dry hair in order to curl it
  • Designed for daily use to maintain curls for an extended period of time



Our roadmap starts with our mission to becoming a leader in the industry known for providing excellent products and services to customers worldwide.




Our vision is to continue to create quality hair and beauty products our customers fall in love with and do not want to live without.




With a Godly foundation we will continue to be stewards of God demonstrating high principles of Leadership, Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Diversity and Quality.


Tired of silk & pillow rollers being to flimsy? What about perm rods snagging your hair? Silky Curls™ can be used on all hair types and it’s exactly the solution to create and maintain curls or deep waves, while ensuring the hair is free from distress and heat.


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• Designed to promote healthy hair

• Each hair roller is 1/4th inches in diameter and 8 inches in length

• Each pack of silky curls contains 6 rollers

• Flexible Rods are outlined in silk material and are hand stitched

• Additional sizes will be available fall of 2015

• No clips or pins needed

• For special request and larger quantity orders please contact us directly

• For wholesale inquiries please contact us directly

• All sales are FINAL

• Made in China


SCalp soother

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$10 each

100% virgin Hair

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing on all orders







Brazilian Straight
Brazilian Curly





Mongolian Deep Wave
Brazilian Loose Deep

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By @lovetriceyy via @RepostWhiz app:


Yesterday hair was a flexi rod set

done on shampooed and conditioned hair. My hair works better wet with flexi

rods. I used the loc method applying my product on my hair. I always work in 4

even sections and use medium size parts on the rods. I let my hair air dry over

night. Next day take down rods and separate to my liking. I loved the

@silkycurls flexi rods they are the gray ones in the front. My hair came off so

smooth when taking them off. Love!









By @curlscurlscurlsmd on Instagram:


I was sent these @silkycurls flexirods

to try! They're silk-lined rods designed to protect the hair.


Placed them on

wet hair with some of my favorite products. The SilkyCurls flexirods were super

gentle on my hair and actualy tolerable to sleep in! Flexirods can be a pain to

sleep with but I didn't mind these! Thanks @silkycurls !



#luvyourmane #myhaircrush #naturalhairdaily #naturalchixs #naturalhair






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